The Best Natural Skincare Products for Dry Skin

The Best Natural Skincare Products for Dry Skin

Caring for dry skin can feel like a chore, and I know this personally because since childhood, I have suffered with Eczema on my arms and face. Finding products that weren’t just moisturising but also helped target my problem areas was difficult, as sometimes, these products contain harsh chemicals which made my skin even more irritated.

This blog will look at the products we have formulated and handmade that focus on dry and sensitive skin, exploring the importance of natural ingredients when it comes to dry skin.

Rose Water Toner

Rose Water Toner is natural by product from the production of essential oils by steam distillation. Many of the active components of the plant are held in the steam of the water, and when this condenses, we are left with a beautifully rich and full of goodness water.

Our Rose Water Toner which is high in Vitamin A and C, is a quick and easy way to give your face a deep clean. Targeting skin, this toner is great for gently removing any dirt and dead skin cells that have been left behind after you wash your face. Rose water is a natural hydrator which helps provide moisture when skin needs it most, and for those with dry skin it can offer a nourishing boost. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties which is good for those with sensitive skin as these properties help reduce redness in the skin.

Our Toners are perfect for those that either don’t have a skincare routine or do, because ours are a spray, if you are looking for something quick with a bunch of benefits, this product is perfect.

This product comes in an aluminium bottle (which means it’s fully recyclable!) with an atomizer which makes it easier for anyone to add it to their skincare routine. You can use it by spraying it across your face or using some cotton wool to gently sweep it across your face (don’t scrub!). With the toner being in a metal bottle, if you place it in the fridge, you can always guarantee a refreshing and cooling sensation on the face.

Tip: Using it with our Pink Clay Face Mask instead of adding water can add even more benefits!

Pink Clay Face Mask

Perfect for sensitive and dry skin, pink clay can help reduce inflammation and irritation from skin concerns such as acne, by soothing and balancing skin. The mask works to remove dead skin cells, revealing bright, fresh cells from underneath which works hand in hand with working to remove acne and to help brighten the skin.  Due to its purifying properties and essential minerals, this mask works to help cleanse are fresh tired, dull, and dry skin.

Clay masks have been used for hundreds of years to improve skin health. Reports claim that clay masks date back to Ancient Egypt, and Cleopatra used clay to draw out impurities (but the ingredients nowadays are much nicer than crocodile poo!). Our Pink Clay is a mild combination of Red and White Clays, which are rich in minerals including Silica. Silica is a natural material found in rocks, sand, and clay.

This is the perfect face mask if you wish to avoid any chemicals or preservatives and because this face mask is in powder form, and you mix it yourself.

Tip:  Using a Rose Water Toner instead of water, as it contains high volumes of Vitamins A & C, it gives you even more benefits!

Soothing Bath Infusions

Chamomile Flowers and Colloidal Oatmeal are the only ingredients we use in our Soothing Bath Infusions as they have been found to help relieve the symptoms of problem skin.

Chamomile is good for sensitive skin due to its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. There are three compounds found in Chamomile; Bisoprolol, chamazulene and apirgen, these are the compounds that give it the soothing and healing benefits that are great for sensitive skin. Fun fact: The ancient Greeks applied to red, irritated skin.

Colloidal Oatmeal is commonly used as a soothing agent to relive itchy skin and soothe irritation caused by dry skin conditions. It has a variety of benefits such as cleansing, anti-inflammatory and non-irritating.

The Soothing Bath Infusions don’t contain and perfume or fragrances which are commonly used in commercial bath soaks or bombs, and these ingredients may disrupt the pH levels in various intimate areas of the body.

Directions: Whilst running a nice hot bath with nothing else added, put one of the tea bags into the bath, then sit back and relax, letting it do its work, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.

Soothing Skin Cream

Now, if you already have dry or chapped skin, our Soothing Skin Cream has been specially formulated with a powerful combination of natural ingredients that help soothe dry, irritated, troublesome skin, and each ingredient provides its own benefits.

One of its active and one of our most unique ingredients is Propolis, is a resin like substance that comes from plants which is then processed by bees. It is known for its protective response which aims to help the body heal, like when it is irritated and cracked. It also provides many other benefits such as it being antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial.

Check out our Soothing Skin Cream Blog to read more about this product.

I know that if anyone who has sensitive skin like mine, symptoms of sensitivity such as flakiness and redness can sometimes cause insecurities. It’s easy to forget but important to remember that it’s only because your skin is doing its job in trying to repair yourself – however frustrating that may be.

Here at Sweet Cecily’s, we take pride in knowing that we create products for a variety of skin types. Having dry skin doesn’t necessarily mean constantly applying different moisturisers but using the right products with the right ingredients can be a start.

It is important to remember that everyone’s skin is different, and we all react to skincare products in different ways. We would always advise doing a patch test on your wrist or behind your ear to ensure that you won’t have a bad reaction to any product before applying it all over the skin!

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