skincare tips for oily skin

5 Skincare Tips for those with Oily Skin

I don’t personally know the struggles of oily skin, as mine is dry, but many of my friends have the oily skin type so I have seen (and heard!) all of their complaints about how annoying it is.

I’m here to help you (and my friends) with some really simple tips to help deal with an oily skin type…If you’re not sure what your skin type is check out our blog ‘What Are the 5 Skin Types?’ to find out. 

Let’s dive into 5 Simple Tips for Oily Skin…(check out; Dry Skin Tips, Combination Skin Tips & Sensitive Skin Tips)

Wear Sunscreen Daily 

If you have read a few of our blogs - or if you haven’t, hi! - we preach a lot about how often you should be wearing sunscreen, and it is all the time, no matter the weather the sun is still there! Well, if you’re like me, you may really sweat in the sun and especially on your face. If you have an oily skin type this may be annoying for you, but the answer to your problem is really simple…wear sunscreen! When your skin becomes dried out from your skin, it starts to create sebum to give it more moisture, however this can lead to breakouts. So, simply just use sunscreen as the instructions on the bottle say and it may help decrease overproduction of sebum.

Read the importance on sunscreen and sun safety here.

Cleanse, then Cleanse, and maybe Cleanse some more! 

Now, hopefully you’re washing your face daily anyway, but if you have an oily complexion you want to be doing it a few times a day depending on your routine. Cleanse your skin twice a day, on a morning and night, but if you have been exercising, I would recommend you wash your face after excessive sweating too. Remember to just gently cleanse your face rather than scrub it, or else you may find that your skin becomes irritated and sensitive, which isn’t what we want to do on top of the oiliness.  

Never sleep in your makeup  

I recently wrote a blog called ‘How to correctly take off your makeup and why it’s so important’ (which you can read by clicking on the title) where I tell you the effects of not taking your makeup off. I would recommend giving this blog a read if you find that you are routinely forgetting to take your makeup off at night! (Easily done!). If you have an oily complexion, taking your makeup off properly at night is especially important. This is because your pores can become blocked with makeup, therefore increasing the risk of breakouts. With oily skin, you are already more prone to spots so anything you can do to minimise the risk is a must!

Follow a Proper Skincare Routine 

This tip is a couple in one, but it’s basically just about having a daily skincare routine with products that fit your oily skin. Firstly, you want to continue using a lightweight (rather than a rich) moisturiser because you still need to keep your skin hydrated. If you find that with an oily skin type, you’re prone to more acne than others, use a spot treatment as regular as the directions say, and remember if it burns, stop using it and find a product that doesn’t! Lastly, another really important step you want to do is exfoliate using a facial scrub. Often, it’s assumed that exfoliation is for people with acne prone or dry skin, but this isn’t the case! If you are someone with an oily skin type, dead skin is more likely to get trapped in the oil, causing breakouts, so exfoliation is absolutely necessary to avoid unwanted bumpy face guests!

Try Blotting instead of using Powder 

This may seem like one of those little inconvenient purchases, but even if you just use a bit of thin tissue it can work! When you use powder what you’re actually doing is just clogging your pores even more, and by now you may have guessed that clogged pores aren’t great for those with an oily skin type. All you have to do is just use a bit of tissue and lightly pat it onto those oily looking areas until they become matte, this will not only get rid of the shine but also help prevent breakouts. Try using a setting spray (if you don’t already) to help keep your makeup stay in place just like a powder does.  

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