5 Tips to Help You Stick to a Routine

5 Tips to Help You Stick to a Routine

Although I work for a skincare company, I will be the first to tell you how hard I find it to keep up any sort of routine, never mind a skincare routine. So, I thought I would just write up some of my own personal little tips that can maybe (and hopefully!) help you out with creating some sort of routine for looking after your skin.

Strip Back to Basics

In my opinion, I think skincare can become a bit hectic and chaotic, especially with the number of different products you can find online and in shops these days. However, try not to fixate on a long and useless routine, and rather choose a handful of products that you know work well for your skin and stick to that routine. I think one of the issues that comes with a skincare routine is sometimes people just make it too long, which makes it not sustainable long term.. So, try not to overthink anything and just use a cleaner, moisturiser and sunscreen (if you want that most basic) every day. Minimalism may be the key for you!

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Make your space fit your aesthetic

Now, I know this might sound weird, but I definitely know people who like to be surrounded by their own aesthetic. Whether that is clean, vibrant, colourful, or just a bit whacky, then create your skincare space with your same vibe! Make it a place where you look forward to doing your routine and overall, just enjoy the space you create. Of course, I’m aware that this may not be completely doable in a house you live in with other people - if you’re thinking of doing it in a bathroom - but it could just be about having a space such as a desk or drawer in your room. Remember to just keep it organised and tidy to keep your mind from dreading using the space!  

Set an Alarm

This is one that is a super simple one to help you get up and it’s to just set an alarm. Set an alarm at the same time every day - try not to snooze it as that will defeat the point! -  and just get up and do it. You will probably even find that after a few weeks you’ve got yourself into such a habit and routine that you don’t even need to set the alarm anymore. A skincare routine shouldn’t have to feel like a chore, but we could all use a bit of umph from time to time to help us get motivated.


Going back to that use of space, make things easy and available for you. This might be something as small as having all your cotton pads in a tub or having a few hair bands nearby ready for you to tie up your hair. This is a tip more for those who find that they spend hours of their lives rummaging through drawers trying to look for a cotton swab. The easy fix is to just place them in containers, so they stay clean and accessible.

The ultimate tip to sticking to the routine…Do it in the shower!

Why not save the best till last? This is one for the people who have tried the above tips and find that they really aren’t getting anywhere with sticking to a routine. Simply, do your routine in the shower, where your face is already wet. Of course, there are some products that require you to have dry skin for application, but when it comes to cleansing, you’re halfway there! Start your skincare routine in the shower to save yourself a little bit of time. 


I think it’s important to note here that you shouldn’t feel guilty about missing days when it comes to any sort of routine. Remember that your routine needs to fit around you, and not that you need to fit the routine.

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