6 Simple Makeup Tips

6 Simple Makeup Tips

I’ve been applying makeup for probably close to a decade now, starting to get into it at the age of 14, however that doesn’t mean to say I’ve been doing it right. I feel as though, especially over the last few years, trends are constantly changing, from the Kim Kardashian contour to fluffy brows, how do people come up with it all?

We’ve come together to let you into some of the tips that have helped us along our makeup journey which we think are the most important to know…

Know Your Skin Type

When it comes to makeup and skincare, the most important thing you need to know is your skin type – which you can do by checking out our ‘What are the 5 skin types?’ blog! When it comes to wearing makeup, you want products that will help make your skin look the best it can all day. If you have oily skin, you don’t want to be using products that make your skin look greasy and separates around your t-zone area, just as much as you don’t want your base makeup to set into your face and cling onto any dryness, if you have dry skin. If you can, try and find out any products or ingredients you should avoid with your skin type to help you try and avoid wasting your money on the wrong products. With the right products, your makeup should be able to stay somewhat the same as it did when you applied it.

Know Your Face Shape

Similar to the skin type tip, knowing what your face shape is, is important when it comes to knowing where to apply which products. Each shape has different bone structures, and knowing which shape type you have will help you determine what you want to enhance or diminish.

Eye Shape

As well as knowing your face shape, knowing your eye shape is just as important for those who like to play with eyeshadow. Catering to your eye shape when you apply eyeshadow and eyeliner will help you enhance your features, so ditch the eye look that doesn’t work for you and embrace your natural eye curves.

Stay Away from Product Layering

Before I go into this one I am aware of a TikTok ‘hack’, which is where people apply a quick brush of loose setting powder around their face before applying their foundation, which I personally have never tried – so if you do, let me know in the comments how it worked for you!

Going back to it, this is one I’ve currently found out about, as I have just added a liquid blush to my makeup routine. When it comes to product layering, avoid applying a liquid over any powders to avoid your makeup becoming cakey. However, I found that when it came to having to blend out the blush on top of the powder that the drops of blush just stuck and wouldn’t blend out properly, taking the base with it, which just looked a mess for me. I find that for me, applying the blush after concealer, then lightly dusting over some powder works the best, or even just applying some blush without any base to give me that glowy look.

All About Makeup Brushes

So there’s 2 points I want to make about makeup brushes…

  • Wash Them!

I think washing makeup brushes must be the biggest bane of my life but it’s the best thing ever when they are clean! It’s easy to lose track of when you last washed them so I kind of just go off when they start to look a bit rank, which is usually every few weeks, but in reality, I know it should be every week – especially for base brushes. Unwashed brushes trap dirty and breed bacteria – EW – so each time you put your dirty makeup brushes on your face, you’re putting all the old makeup and bacteria to live on your skin, where they don’t belong. Washing your brushes only has to take a few minutes, run them under some warm water using some shampoo and wash until the water is clear.

  • Familiarise Yourself with Makeup Brushes

No matter how cheap, expensive, good or bad a makeup product is, they won’t do you any good if you’re using the wrong brush or tool. Try and avoid big brushes for your eyes, as you want smaller ones to be able to make sure you’re applying the product where you want it and, try using a dense brush or sponge to apply base products as these are best to evenly distribute the product.

Moisturise Before Putting Makeup on

Moisturiser isn’t just a great skincare product, but it can also be the perfect base for your makeup, with a cleansed and moisturised face, it can be the perfect canvas for your makeup application. Applying a moisturiser before your makeup can help your foundation and concealer go on a lot more even and smoothly, as well as giving you that glow type of look. If you have dry skin it can be perfect for making sure your makeup doesn’t latch on to them dry patches of skin, as the moisturiser will have prepped your skin to avoid this from happening.

Let us know your makeup tips in the comments!

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