7 Quirky Valentine's Gift Ideas

7 Quirky Valentine's Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day can be one of those holidays that can be challenging for those with advanced gift giving skills. That’s why we’ve put together a list of small businesses that you can find online to help you out! From a date night idea to helping them save the environment, this list is full of quirky gifts that are perfect for your valentine or galentine.


The Slabb

Starting the list off strong with one of the easiest gifts for Valentine’s. We’ve been following @theslabb on Instagram for a while now and we drool every time we see their page. The Slabb offer a range of indulgent, loaded chocolate bars with a variety of flavours which include espresso martini and jammy dodger, while also extending their craft to chocolate lollipops (which look just as good as the slabbs!). They currently have a Valentine’s collection up – some are vegan! – so we would recommend this company if your valentine/galentine is a chocolate lover.


‘A Whole Lot of Love’ Slabb - £5.50


‘Valentine’s Letterbox Lollipop Set’ - £10


Lip Balms

Sweet Cecily's

Almost everyone I (Sophie) know carries a lip balm in their pocket or bag, and if your giftee does too, our lip balms are perfect for them. We offer a line of boozy cocktail flavours, and if your recipient doesn’t drink, we also have an afternoon tea collection! Our lip balms are full of natural ingredients which leave your lips feeling moisturised and hydrated. Looking for something a bit more customisable to give to your boo? We have a range of personalised lip balms in which you can choose the background colour and the font and write any message you like to be applied on the top sticker!


Click to view our Lip Balm Range - £3.50


 Polymer Earrings

House of Hetty & Tiny Steps Studio UK

Over the last few years, we have seen an increase in the popularity of jewellery made with Polymer Clay. From earrings to rings, polymer jewellery can be made with any colour and style. We’ve handpicked our favourite pairs from two Etsy shops ‘House of Hetty’ and ‘Tiny Steps Studio’. These businesses also offer so many more pairs on their websites, so you’re guaranteed to find a pair which your giftee will love.


House of Hetty Arch Earrings - £7


Tiny Steps Pink and Red Earrings - £8


Events at Home & Yummy Snack Bowl

If you’re looking for a grander gesture, rather than just buying someone a gift and giving them it, an at home date night is perfect. We’ve chosen an Etsy shop that provides everything you both need to make your own paintings! Containing a small canvas, easel, and paints, both of you can enjoy an at home date night this Valentine’s. Adding some snacks into the mix can make it more fun, especially when its food you both haven’t tasted before which is why we’ve also picked a Mystery Japanese Snack Box to add to this gift idea. Both of these activities go hand in hand, and it can be a fun way to spend time with each other.


Experience Gift Box - £26

Mystery Japanese Snack Box - £16.99

Wax Melts


Wax Melts are scented chunks of wax that are placed in a tealight or electric wax burner.  We’ve chosen a local business, Beautiful Smelts to showcase on this blog. Based in the North East near Saltburn, they offer many shapes and sizes in melts, along with a lengthy scent list, where you are sure to find a scent of your taste.  We adore the Snap Bars and the Shape Packs in particular! You can find her page on Instagram & Facebook.


Snap Bar - £2.60


Shape Packs - £2.75

Spotify Keyring

Simply Made to Order & J9 Design Boutique

Some time ago, I (Sophie) started seeing adverts pop up on my social medias which show cute little keyrings with a barcode on them. I was curious so I had to have a little search on the web and found that they are scannable Spotify codes, which link to a song or playlist of your choice! All you do is send the link of your favourite song to the shop when ordering and they will print it onto the keyring, ready for your loved one to scan and enjoy.  I’ve since bought some for certain friends and family and they have all remarked about how thoughtful the gift is.  There’s always a song that reminds you of someone or a memory that you’ve shared together, so if you’re looking for a gift that’s personal to both of you, one of these are perfect! We’ve found our favourite on Etsy from SimplyMadeToOrder, to save you the anxiety of checking reviews and wondering if the shops are legit!


Matching Spotify Keyrings 6.99 – Matching set for you and the recipient!


Single Keyring (available with tassle) - £4

Tote Bag

Shop Late 80s & TOTEally Embroidery

Did you know tote bags are the new plastic bags! After leaving plastic bags in 2015, tote bags have become all the range (and they don’t take 1000 years to decompose!). A gift like this is perfect because they are so durable and universal in terms of what you decide to use one for. There’s a range of businesses that sell totes with designs to please even the pickiest of recipients! We adore the stripped back, delicately embroidered totes from TOTEallyEmbroidery and also are in love with some of the bold, graphic designs from ShopLate80s. Whatever the recipients taste, we’re sure you’ll find a design they will love as much as us from either shops.


The Beatles Tote Bag - £13


Face with Rose design Tote - £15.99

We hope that this list gives you some inspiration with your gift giving this valentine’s day. Make sure you go and check out the small businesses we’ve mentioned and give them some love this Valentine’s.


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