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Cold Weather Essentials

Hi everyone, I’m back again with the last seasonal blog of the year.

Throughout the year, I have been writing 2 seasonal blogs as the new season starts, but as you can see from the title, this one isn’t just about Winter. I decided to go with something a bit more generic because Winter doesn’t start until the 23rd of December (has it always begun that late?!) so I thought I would go with just ‘Cold Weather Essentials’. These are just a few products which I think are…cold weather essentials! As the year draws to a close, I just want to say a massive thanks to anyone who has clicked on these blogs or interacted on social media with them, these have been my favourite pieces to write, so let’s get into the last one…

Sea Buckthorn & Frankincense Night Cream

If you’ve looked at our Cold Weather Essentials page on our website then you may have seen that I chose this cream as my top pick for the page (if you haven’t, it’s right at the bottom and we do it for every page!) I wanted to pop this on the blog because if you tend to get small patches of dry skin during winter, rather super dry/eczema prone skin (which needs targeted products such as our Soothing Skin Cream) then I think this a really good product alternative. I went with this cream rather than our Almond & Avocado Face Cream  as the Sea Buckthorn & Frankincense Night cream is a bit thicker, and rich with moisture for those dry spots! I love the ease of popping a bit on before bed and going to sleep, the essential oils do a great job of relaxing me right before I head off into sweet slumber, too!

Mulled Wine Spices

If you’re a fan of Christmas markets then there’s no doubt that you have noticed a bunch of ‘Mulled Wine’ stalls as you’re walking round, but have you ever tried to have a go yourself? We created the Mulled Wine Spices Kit so that you can make your own mulled wine (or Juice!) right from the comfort of your own home. Personally…I’m not a fan of red wine so I’ve always been a little frightened to try it – maybe this is the year?! – but I think this is a great little kit for a friend who loves it because I even know some people that will go to a local market just for the mulled wine! I think it’s fair to say this is definitely a cold weather essential – especially on a weekend! It’s not just for Christmas either, you can enjoy this boozy spiced drink throughout winter!

Soothing Skin Cream

Although this is a product that was in my last skincare essentials blog, I think it’s really important than anyone who not only has dry skin, but those who are more prone to dry skin during the colder months NEED this product. The Soothing Skin Cream has a little ingredient in it which you may not know of called Propolis. Propolis is made by bees, and it has antiseptic, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory properties, so basically everything and more to help heal dry skin.  I’ve had friends call this the magic cream, and they are so right, it has helped them with both ends of the spectrum, acne, and dry skin.

Check out the Soothing Skin Cream product page to see the range of beneficial ingredients that are also in the magic cream!

Vanilla Body Butter

If you aren’t too familiar with our skincare line, then I would just like to point out that if you aren’t too much of a fan of Vanilla then we do have 2 other scents, Coconut and Rose. However, for the purpose of the blog I decided to choose Vanilla because to me, Coconut gives me such summer vibes – which if this is what you love all year round, I’d definitely recommend because it does smell sooo good.

In my opinion moisture is the best thing you can do to your skin, especially when the weather is cold and drying your skin out, so a body butter is a great one product fix for this. Ours are made with rich shea butter, along with almond and apricot oil, which are great ingredients for hydrating your skin. Another plus is the size of this product so you’re sure to get through the cold months (and more!) with super nourished skin.

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