Face Mapping - Are Your Spots Giving You Hints About Your Health?

Face Mapping - Are Your Spots Giving You Hints About Your Health?

Spots can be extremely frustrating, especially when they decide to show days before an important event. The truth is, almost everyone will encounter a blemish breakout throughout their lives. You may have noticed that you have a certain area of your face that is more prone to spots, or which looks dull and tired. I have certainly experienced this and wondered if there is a reason behind it? You may blame your face’s appearance on a lack of water, poor diet or not cleaning your face properly. However, methods of face mapping could reveal internal issues that are causing it.

Chinese “Mien Shiang” Technique.

Originally, the use of face mapping dates back 3000 years ago when it was used as a method in Chinese medicine. Mien Shiang, also known as face reading, was traditionally used to understand areas of the body which were suffering from an imbalance. In this form of face mapping, it is believed that each section of the face is linked to an organ.

The face is split into 9 sections all with their own organ responsible for causing imperfections in that area of the skin.

What Traditional Face Mapping Says

Forehead - If you have spots on your forehead, it may mean that you have a troubled digestive system. However, it may also be because of an unhealthy diet and/or sleep deprivation.

Eyebrows - Blemishes in between or above the eyebrows are said to be caused by issues linked with the liver. Similar to the forehead, a poor diet could be the result of it.

Temples - Flare ups or infections of the bladder, liver or kidneys can be the cause behind clusters of spots being prominent around the temple area.

Eyes - If you notice that you have dark or baggy under eyes. This is linked to lack of fluids such as water. It could also be down to stress levels.

Cheeks - Spots on your cheeks may be caused by infections or allergies.

Nose - The t-zone area is commonly the oiliest section of the face. According to the face mapping technique, blackheads and pimples on the nose are linked to high cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Mouth - Interestingly, this technique claims that blemishes and ulcers around the mouth area are closely linked to the colon. Too much consumption of cold food is said to send the stomach into overdrive and cause spots in this area.

Chin - Linked with the reproductive system, pimples on the chin may be as a result of a hormone imbalance. In particular throughout the menstrual cycle.

Is There Evidence To Prove This Technique Works?

Unfortunately, there is no firm scientific evidence which can support the claims behind the face mapping technique. Brief studies have been able to vaguely link breakouts to the central nervous system and cardiovascular system. However, there has been nothing that can confirm the technique is correct.

Many experts have claimed that the technique is inaccurate and that there are no real links between skin imperfections and organs. Instead explaining that we experience breakouts as a result of a high number of oil producing glands found in the skin.

The Technique Is Still Used

Many individuals who practice traditional Chinese medicine still use this method as a guide for understanding the reasons behind skin imperfections. Although it has seen various adaptations over the years. One technique which has seen an increased amount of popularity over the years is Acne face mapping. Those who practice this form of face mapping believe that if spots are appearing in the same place on your face each month, you could be suffering from an underlying health issue.

How To Get Rid of Spots

Practicing the technique of face mapping may give some kind of understanding into why you are getting spots. Although, as there is limited evidence supporting this practice, the likelihood is that spots will still appear.

Spots are common throughout our teenage years however, they still occasionally form on your face throughout adulthood. Practicing healthy habits such as drinking plenty of water and understanding your skin type may reduce the number of spots forming on your face. Although, when they do show up, you should treat them with care.

As frustrating and tempting it may be to squeeze your spots, don't do it! This could cause the skin to scar when it eventually heals. Instead, ensure that you gently cleanse your face as this will remove any dirt and bacteria build up from the irritated area.

Let the skin breathe, your spots will thank you for this! Avoid using makeup at all costs. You may feel the need to cover it up with concealer, but it could make matters worse. Opt for a natural look and let the spot air out.

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Conclusion - Can It Work?

The amount of research conducted on the technique is small. However, it all points towards the same conclusion that it does not give an accurate reading of what your skin imperfections are telling you about your health.

Spots can appear for a whole range of reasons from hormone imbalances to sleeping on dirty pillows. Therefore, the only real way to deal with them is to practice healthy habits and manage them appropriately if they do appear.

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