how to take care of your skin in autumn

How to Take Care of Your Skin in Autumn

It feels like only yesterday when I was uploading our summer blogs for my ‘Seasonal Skincare Essentials’ series and now we’re back with Autumn! Take your sunglasses off and put your scarf on while you check out our tips to keep your skin glowing in Autumn below…

Look After Your Hands

It may start getting colder but that doesn’t mean you use your hands any less. Whether it’s forgetting your gloves while walking the dog, fumbling for your keys, or tapping away on your phone, it’s easy to neglect your hands when it comes to skincare, especially in the colder months. You may not know, but the skin on your hands don’t produce the same amount of natural oils as the rest of your body, and because of this your hands are much more prone to dryness, especially in colder weather. So, remember to pamper your hands throughout the colder months!

Moisturise Daily

Let’s be real, sitting by cosy fires must be up there with the best part of the colder months. However, as your house starts to get warmer, so does the air, and then the air gets dry, and then the dry air can affect your skin quite harshly. However, there’s no escaping it as, the second you leave your house, guess what is dry? The air, again! Keeping up a skincare routine that suits you is important all through the year, however, it’s especially important to keep your skin hydrated in Autumn and Winter to allow your skin to glow in Spring and Summer. Make sure to switch to a richer moisturiser in these months to keep up with the air. Moisturising on a morning and evening can help your skin feel nourished and moisturised all throughout the year.

Exfoliate Less

Ok, so we are going to take a step back for a sec. I know!! If you have been reading these seasonal skin care tips, you will know that in Spring and Summer it is, in my opinion, an essential! However, in the colder months it’s best to cut back on exfoliating products due to their ingredients and texture. This is because, you may not see them, but your skin will inevitably get drier and crack, even a little bit, and if you start exfoliating over the top of these cracks, your skin may become itchy, inflamed, irritated or even straight up painful. Now, this doesn’t mean stop exfoliating all together, but you should just hold back a little bit from doing it twice a week. So, as well as cutting down on exfoliating, cut down on acidic products.

Look Out for Change

Make sure that with seasonal change, you’re looking out for any changes in your skin. Although your skin stays the same, sometimes your skin type can change slightly. In summer you may find that your skin appears oilier than in the colder months. If you find this happens to you, you may need to be changing your skincare products to fit accordingly to your skin type during certain months.

Get All Over Your Body

Like I mentioned earlier about switching to a richer moisturiser on your face, you also want to be taking care of your body. I know that it’s the colder months where my eczema starts to flare up as there is less moisture in the air to help hydrate my skin, I need to start looking after it more than I was in Spring or Summer. With my eczema my skin can become really itchy, so I personally use our Soothing Skin Cream as it stops my itchiness and helps clear my dryness up within days, sometimes within the day. If you find that your skin begins to get itchy, load up on a super hydrating cream!

Don’t Forget Your Lips!

This may be the last tip, but honestly for me, it’s up there with one of the most important. I am prone to sore lips basically all through the year, it doesn’t just have to be freezing cold, even in the hotter months, my lips are not safe. However, Autumn is definitely where I start to apply lip balm more regularly that I have been to make sure my lips are always hydrated because we all know how chapped our lips can get in the cold! Lips are undoubtedly one of the areas most affected when it comes to the Autumn and Winter seasons, so make sure you’re always carrying a lip balm and apply regularly throughout the day.

Enjoy the Autumn weather because before you know it, it’ll be Winter and snowing!

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