how to take care of your skin in summer

How To Take Care of Your Skin in Summer

Following up from our 'Skincare Essentials for Summer' , we’re back again with another Seasonal Skincare Tip Blog! Just when you’re getting your spring routine locked down, here comes another season, along with another one of our seasonal skincare tip blogs! Check out some of our skin tips for summer...

Open the Fridge…

Ok so this might sound bizarre but stay with me…put your skincare products in the fridge! Leaving your products to chill in the fridge can help your skin when you’re ready to apply. The coolness of your products will gently soothe hot, sensitive skin. you may notice that in summertime your skin tends to get sensitive, like it does in winter, this is due to fluctuations in temperature, air conditioning, excess sweat, dehydration, and harmful UV rays. Although it might sound weird, it’s a brilliant way to help cool yourself down and soothe your skin after a day in the summer sun.

Go Minimal

Now that summer is back in full swing, take a step back from full coverage everyday looks and let your skin breathe a little. Focus on a few simple products, those that contain SPF are even better, and finish with a good setting spray to ensure your makeup doesn’t slip and slide throughout the day.

Hint: blend your foundation with your moisturiser to create a light, cake-free coverage. Check out Beth’s blog ‘Less is More - Why the Minimalistic Skincare Trend is Popular Again’ to see more tips and tricks!

Stay Safe In the Sun

Although sunny days in the UK are few and far between,  it’s always important to keep yourself safe in the sun.  There’s a list of different things you can do to keep safe such as wearing protective clothing, whether that’s something as covering as loose full-length trousers, or something as small as a cap. If you do decide to go with covering up a little bit more remember to stay cool and hydrated to avoid overheating. It’s also important to apply and use enough sunscreen throughout the day to help protect yourself from UV rays, which can play a huge part in ageing skin.

Stay Hydrated

And not just yourself but your skin! There’s a variety of ways to keep yourself cooled down through the summer day and night such as face mists throughout the day and face masks, letting your skin soak up all the vitamins as you sleep. A simpler way to keep cool is by simply splashing your face frequently with water, this will help freshen your skin at regular intervals throughout the day. Of course, as we always say, it’s super important to keep yourself physically hydrated by drinking 2 to 4 litres a day.

Treat It Quick!

If you missed step 3 and have been caught by the sun, it’s best to try and tackle it sooner rather than later. We’d recommend even before this has happened, that over the summer you put a bottle of aloe vera gel or an after-sun product in the fridge just on the off chance you’ll need it. These products will have a cooling effect but putting them in the fridge will help soothe your skin even more. Use your chosen product often throughout the day and try to remember to apply and reapply your sunscreen throughout the day! Our Soothing Skin Cream can also help in healing skin that has been damaged by the sun (sunburn).

Exfoliate Again!

If you seen our exfoliating blog, you’ll know the importance of exfoliating. Exfoliating is the process of removing dead skin cells from the outer layer of your skin. Did you know the summer heat and sun quickly damages delicate skin? I didn’t! That’s why exfoliating regularly is important, as it will ensure that your skin remains healthy and strong as it helps move along those dead skin cells that appear more quickly in the summer.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Autumn Blogs in September!

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