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Lazy Skincare Tips

If you’re a follower of our TikTok then you know that myself and Dorrie are very open about the amount of skincare we do on a regular basis, and the skincare products we do use, and if you don’t then let me tell you! We are very big advocates of basic skincare, none of these blood facials or LED Face Masks are fit for us, just a cleanser, toner and moisturiser please!

Brush Your Teeth

Ok first all, before you do any skincare on a lazy day, is to brush your teeth. This may seem really  basic but I know first-hand that when you’re having a lazy day it can get to midday and you notice you haven’t brushed your teeth. So if you’re doing the same, this is your reminder to get up and brush your teeth for 2 minutes. Sometimes what I do on a morning is pop my favourite song on and listen to it until around the second chorus and that’s when I know it’s been usually 2 minutes.

Wash your face

Whether you’re coming in from a night out with a face full of makeup, or you’re just chilling for the day with a bare face, it’s always super important to wash your face every day – once in the morning and once at night. I know how easy it is to grab makeup wipes and take your makeup off but sadly this isn’t an effective way to wash your face and you will end up with makeup that has just been pushed into your pores. What you will need is a good cleanser that 1. works for you and your skin type and 2. that really cleans your skin. We won’t hassle you with double cleansing, because today is a lazy day, but just wash your face please! We promise it will take you under 2 minutes and then you can go back to doing little to nothing.

Steps can be optional!

A skincare routine really does not need to include serums, face masks, retinol, or ingredients you can’t even pronounce. What I would recommend though is like I said in the introduction: a cleanser, toner and moisturiser (also one I did forget SPF! stay safe in the sun always!!!). This isn’t even about being lazy, it’s about what works for you, if you want to use all those things then go ahead but know that skincare doesn’t have to be complicated at all.

On the go 2 4 1

This is one that I actually have done myself a few times and it is to apply a face mask before I get in the shower. I’ve known people do it in the bath, but it is doable in the shower too, just try not to get your face wet! By the time you’ve washed yourself (and hair if that’s what you’re doing in there too) then by the time you’re ready to jump out, you can rinse off the face mask in the shower. Voila, no need to sit there for another 10 minutes when you’ve already wasted time procrastinating getting in the shower – like I said, I too am a lazy person!

The ultimate Sweet Cecily’s lazy hack

If you aren’t too familiar with our products, one of my favourites as a lazy person is our toners which are in spray bottles. The usual method for a toner is to pour some out onto a cotton pad and wipe it around your face, but you don’t realise how much product you waste by using this method. Using a spray bottle is not only so quick and easy with a quick spritz. You can also decide how to use it whether that is still going in with a cotton pad or your hands. Regardless, spray bottle products for the win!

You know what they say…work smarter not harder!

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