SC's Vegan Skincare Range - Kind To Your Skin and the Planet

SC's Vegan Skincare Range - Kind To Your Skin and the Planet

We Have Some Exciting News to Share With You All!!!

We now have a whole range of skincare products that are Vegan and have been accredited by the Vegetarian Society. Keep reading to find out what products we have that are suitable for Vegans.

Being vegan or vegetarian often makes it harder when going out for tea at restaurants, not knowing if there will be an option that you can eat and even if you’ll like it (if you don’t like aubergine sometimes it’s impossible to get a dish that will suit you!) Go back around 10 years ago and the only meat free alternative was Quorn (which is a meat free alternative that garners some pretty strong opinions, with a lot of people really disliking it). However, as we have moved with the times, vegan and vegetarian products have become much more accessible and tastier. With a bunch of cafes and eateries now exclusively serving vegan food.  Supermarkets now offer a wide selection of options when it comes to vegan food, this ranges from meatless meatballs to eggplant ravioli.

Although having a good choice of food in shops is great for someone who avoids animal products, careful choices don’t end there.  Surprisingly, there are so many different things that are not classed as vegan. This includes Beer such as Guinness, shimmery nail polishes and many skincare products that contain animal traces or animal derivatives.

Our Vegan Range –

The Sweet Cecily’s team are proud to announce that we have a dedicated category on our website for all our Vegan products which have been accredited by the Vegetarian Society. In addition, all our products have never been tested on animals, instead we test them on willing humans (like the three of us)!

If you check out the products in our “Vegan Skincare” category, you will see that almost all our skincare range is there. This includes:

Therefore, we have you covered for your morning and night skincare routines.

In the Morning -

Start by cleansing the skin with either our Rose Water Toner (for normal skin) or Witch Hazel Toner (for problematic skin). Spray the product onto a cotton pad or a reusable cleansing pad and gently swipe it around your face. Ensuring that you are avoiding the product being into contact with your eyes. Our toners will help to remove any dead skin cells that surfaced on your skin overnight.

Follow this up with our Almond and Avocado Face Cream which is jam packed with antioxidants and essential nutrients to improve and maintain healthy skin. Our face cream is a great option for those with sensitive skin as it is naturally fragrance-free. This cream is light and will soak easily into your skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and protected from the elements.

Before you leave the house, don’t forget to take care of your hands! Apply a small amount of our Elderflower & Almond or Sea Buckthorn Berry Hand Cream in to your palms and rub them together until the product has soaked in. This will ensure that your hands are locking moisture in all day long.

On an Evening –

When you arrive home from a long day at work, all you will want to do is unwind.

Start by running yourself a nice hot bath, add one of our Soothing Bath infusions to the tub to give your boy and mind some serious relaxation. Our bath infusions are made from colloidal oatmeal and chamomile which is widely used to sooth the mind and body.

Apply one of our French Clay face masks, choosing between Red Clay (for normal skin), Green Clay (for oily skin) and Pink Clay (for sensitive skin). These face masks will gently exfoliate your skin, leaving it feeling clean and soft.

Once you are out of the bath and you have dried off, apply one of our luxurious body butters all over your body. Allow it to soak in fully before you put on your pj’s. The thick textured creams will have your whole body smelling delicious and feeling nourished.

Next, apply our Sea Buckthorn and Frankincense night cream to help rejuvenate your skin overnight. This natural face cream contains several essential oils which go hand in hand when providing you with a peaceful night’s rest.

Extra Step for Self-Care -

As we approach summer, it is more important than ever to be exfoliating your skin as we start to sweat much more due to the heat. Using our free from microbead Citrus & Walnut body scrub twice a week will help to remove and dead skin cells, allowing the new skin cells to be uncovered. This essential step will prevent your pores from becoming clogged and will also give you smother and glowing skin.

All our skincare products have been carefully formulated to be kind to you and your skin. We are extremely proud to be able to offer a great selection of hand made skincare to everyone regardless of skin type or lifestyle preference.

If you are Vegan or Vegetarian, we hope you love our range of skincare products as much as we do.

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