using skincare for a positive mind

Using a Skincare/Self Care Routine for Healthy Skin and a Positive Mind

One of my favourite things to do when I finally get home after a day at work and the gym is to spend some time looking after my skin. On some occasions, I like to make my routine more thorough than others. However, I always make sure that I stick to the basics even if I'm in a rush to get to sleep. Which is at the very early time of 9.30pm. I know what you're probably thinking, “that's far too early for someone who's only 24”, well that's what Dorrie and Sophie say anyway! But I'm a firm believer that a long rest is so important for keeping your mind, body and skin feeling good. Aside from the good night’s rest, a simple self-care/skin care routine before I get some ZzZ's is necessary. 

Rinse Away the Day

I always start my routine by jumping straight in the bath or shower. Which one I decide depends on a range of factors. If I’m feeling too hot or am in a rush, a shower is my go-to. But, if my day has been long and I really need to chill out or if I'm feeling cold, a candle lit bubble bath does the job. I will cleanse my face every day even when I don't wear makeup. As my skin is oily, I find that I have a large amount of excess oil on my face by the end of the day. Once I'm done in the bathroom, I head to my bedroom where I begin my skincare routine.  

Set The Ambience 

I can be very particular when it comes to how I have my room for optimal relaxation. My blinds have to be slightly open, enough for me to see that it's still bright outside but not enough for people to have a nosy. If I've made the slightest bit of a mess in the morning, I have to clean it up straight away. Otherwise, it bugs me all night. I light a wax melt which is usually one that's quite subtle smelling and then pop on some Netflix.  

Dry Off 

Over the years my hair has been a bunch of different colours from bright red to blonde but I'm now sporting my natural colour… light brown. So, I've been conscious of keeping my hair looking and feeling healthy. To avoid any unnecessary damage, I allow my hair to air dry rather than use a hair dryer and I also apply an oil to my ends for added protection and strength. 


I have been using our Rose Water Toner religiously since I bought it a few months ago and I may sound biased, but I swear by it. I’ve found that not only is it great for my face, but it’s also really soothing when I use it. I always use a toner in the evening as it's essential for getting rid of any dead skin and dirt from my face. I rarely wear makeup, and almost never wear it during the week when I'm at work. Therefore, I like my face to look and feel clean, the toner helps me to do just that. 

Night Cream

After toning my face, I use our Sea Buckthorn & Frankincense Night Cream to give my skin some added moisture. Unlike other moisturisers I have used that are thick and heavy on my skin, the night cream is light but still seriously hydrating. I've found that the soothing scent of the oils in this cream (Frankincense & Myrrh) help me to really relax and unwind before bed.  

Hand Cream

One thing that is a must for me before I go to sleep is using hand cream! I have a strange phobia of having dry hands. Literally the slightest bit of dryness and it seriously cringes me out! There's even been times when I wake up in the night and I'm desperate to put some hand cream on. Strange, I know… So, I always keep some hand cream by my bed to be sure they don't dry out. 

Lip Balm  

Like my hand cream, I keep a lip balm at the side of my bed too. I always pop a little bit on before I sleep so that when I wake up in the morning, my lips are not dried out.  

Those are the basics for me which I try to achieve every day. On weekends or days when I have more time on my hands, I enjoy adding more steps into my routine. This includes indulgent extras such as applying a face mask and using skin care tools to massage my face. I find it seriously relaxing. 

Lazy (ish) Sunday’s  

I spend around 4 evenings a week at the gym, working on all areas of my body. It’s one of my favourite ways to take my mind off the day and rid any anxiety I may be experiencing. However, it's absolutely fine to be lazy some days too. This is exactly what I spend most of my Sundays doing. Now, I don’t necessarily mean spending the whole day stuck in bed binge watching a new series. It’s more like taking my day at a slower pace and really focussing on feeling good. 

The way I do this can range from a leisurely walk along the beach (which is my favourite place to go) to giving my room a quick clean. Fresh bedding hoovered and dusted room and a new wax melt on the go, it really changes how I feel when it's all tidy.  

I usually finish my Sundays off with a clay face mask as they really have the ability to chill me out. I end up going to bed feeling completely relaxed. 


Self care and skincare routines differ from person to person. However, finding something that you enjoy and that keeps your skin healthy at the same time can be beneficial for your mind and body alike. 

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