why you need rose water in your skincare routine

Why you need Rose Water in your skincare routine!

Rose water is one of those beauty ingredients that has been around for thousands of years, but I think due to the demand of skincare products and all of the new and exciting ingredients that came after rose water, it’s been a little left behind. So, I thought it was time to put some love and life back into it and tell you all about it! As you can imagine, the smell isn’t the only enticing thing about this ingredient, it’s also the matter of how many people can use it. A range of skin types can use Rose Water and not have any negative effects, unlike Witch Hazel which can make sensitive skin irritated and dry skin to become drier (this is why we recommend it for oily skin types only) Our Rose Water Toner is an underrated winner in my eyes, so let me tell you why…

Anti-inflammatory properties

If you find that you’re a person that frequently has skin redness, weather that’s from a skin condition such as eczema or rosacea, rose water might just be your new holy grail. Due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties, rose water can actually reduce skin redness and puffiness. Some people also use it to soothe irritated or sore patches that have come about due to a dry skin condition.


Now, we don’t like to promote anti-aging at Sweet Cecily’s because what’s wrong with aging?! However, rose water has antioxidant powers that neutralise free radical damage – which is responsible for breaking down our skins collagen, resulting in wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines, and loose, saggy skin. So basically that this all means, is that rose water has the ability to protect the cells in our skin against damage.


Among all these other great benefits, the most basic but arguably the most effective aspect about this ingredient, is that it simply hydrates your skin. Due to it’s gentle and soothing nature, it does a great job of protecting your skin from becoming dry and also damaged. When your skin is well hydrated, it emits a radiant and health-looking glow, what more could you want?!

Add it to a mask

At Sweet Cecily’s we promote the fact that as well as water, you can add our rose water toner to any of our clay face masks (click for normal skin, sensitive skin and oily skin). By doing this, it boosts the power of the ingredients when mixed together and when applied to your skin, it gives it all the added benefits and love that it needs.

Why should you use it as a Toner?

Our Rose Toner is to be used after you’ve cleansed your face. What a toner basically does is just get rid of any excess dirt or dead skin cells that the cleanser couldn’t clear to begin with. So not only does it have all of the great properties that I have just listed, but it also an essential when it comes to any skincare routine – you can find out about a 3-step basic, beginner skincare routine here!

You can find rose water in our Rose Water Toner and Make Your Own Face Mask Kits.  

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