About Us

Sweet Cecily’s is a pioneering natural skincare company specialising in the personal touch. Our unique formulas and flavours have been largely generated by suggestions made in forums on social media sites.

The project is part of an existing family run business, Nature’s Laboratory, which researches and manufactures herbal medicines, this experience in the field has helped brother and sister duo Cecily and Hugo to develop a truly natural and handmade range of skincare products.

The concept has been built in a truly collaborative way with our customers and it is hoped that by doing this, Sweet Cecilys’ can become an exciting and interactive brand shared and guided by the people involved.

We believe in using only the best natural ingredients and as such, all our products are free from Parabens, Petrochemicals, Harmful Preservatives and SLS.

Sweet Cecily’s is ran by the dynamic duo Dorrie and Sophie.

Sophie joined the ‘team’ (we use the term lightly as Dorrie worked alone prior to this!) during September 2021 and is behind the wonderful content that you see on our Social Media channels!

Dorrie, the Manager of Sweet Cecily’s has been working for the family business on and off since 2007 and took over the running of Sweet Cecily’s when her elder sister (Cecily!) left the company to start a family and then later launched her own restaurant with her partner Peter.

Each member of our team brings something unique and valuable based on their life experience which makes brainstorming for new product ideas, the creation of tiktoks or campaigns even more fun, interesting and enjoyable!