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5 Skincare Tips for those with Dry Skin

I was going through our website recently and noticed that there was a gap in terms of our blogs. We didn’t have any that are focused for those with each skin type, so I’m here to remedy this! You can expect to see a miniseries which contains a blog with 5 really simple tips catered for your skin type. If you don’t know what your skin type is, you can find it here in our ‘What Are the 5 Skin Types?’ blog.

First up is Dry Skin… (Click here for; Oily Skin Tips, Combination Skin Tips & Sensitive Skin Tips)

Use fragrance free skincare

When it comes to having dry skin, the main thing you will realise is of course, the cracking of your skin. What you’re not going to want to do with dry skin is use skincare products that have fragrances and harsh chemicals in them because they can really sting and irritate your face. If you are looking for a fragrance free face cream, our Almond & Avocado Face Cream is completely vegan, natural and…fragrance free!

As always in these blogs, we recommend that you understand a few ingredients and patch test any new products before applying them directly to your face. This can help with knowing what may irritate your skin and helping you avoid the ingredients and/or product. 

Don’t forget your lips 

One thing that I’ve found with having dry skin, is that my lips definitely become drier and more chapped than my friends, because of this, you will never find me without a lip product no matter where I am. I use our lip balms (which you can click here to find!) on a daily basis, but sometimes I do need a product which is a bit tougher on days that my lips are really badly affected, such as a medicinal cream. Remember that with dry skin, your skincare routine shouldn’t just stop at your skin, and that your lips are a super important part of the routine. 

The rules of Exfoliation 

When you exfoliate you are shedding the excess dead skin from the surface of your face  however depending on what product you use, you may find a scrub to be quite rough, so for starters find the right facial scrub for you. Secondly, I know how it is to get a skincare routine down and become a bit obsessed with it, but exfoliating should only be done once a week. If you start exceeding this you will notice that your skin becomes increasingly drier, because the skin has been overstimulated. So, although you may become a bit obsessed with the feeling of your ultra smooth skin, remember not to do it all the time, and set a day each week to look forward to doing it.

Buy a Humidifier for Your Home

In a few of my other blogs, especially when it comes to dry skin, or colder weather, I speak a lot about the dryness of the air and how that affects your skin. To help defeat this a little bit, especially in the colder months, try out a humidifier. A humidifier is a little appliance which helps add moisture into the air, which can help your skin retain hydration, which is exactly what your skin needs when the air is dry. However, don’t think a humidifier will just replace a skincare routine - you still need one of those too! If you are going to investigate buying a humidifier, don’t forget to use them and wash them correctly to prevent any negative side effects. 

Dry Skin at Night

Some people don’t know this, but night creams are one of the best products when it comes to repairing your skin. A common mistake people do is letting their skin ‘breathe’ on a night, so essentially putting nothing on while they sleep. However, at night, your skin is going through this cycle of renewing skin cells, and a night cream helps focus on this compared to a day/face cream which helps protect against other elements. Also, of course, a night cream will help your skin lock in that hydration throughout the night, so when you wake up your skin will have a glow to it. 

Our Sea Buckthorn & Frankincense Night Cream is rich in ingredients such as Sea Buckthorn Berry, Jojoba Oil, and many more. The ingredients in this cream help revive your skin at night, along with helping to lock in that moisturise which I mentioned earlier

To find some more products that we recommend for helping you with dry skin, find them here in our blog ‘The Best Natural Skincare Products for Dry Skin’.

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