Working With Oily Skin in the Summer Months

Working With Oily Skin in the Summer Months

Summer is here and it's brought the glorious sunshine and bright nights with it too. Now I'm not complaining as summer is by far my favourite season of the year. But it does come with a cost to my face… As soon as the temperature rises, my skin becomes super oily and that's a nightmare considering my skin is already oily even in the other seasons. I suppose it's something I just have to deal with and that's exactly what I have learnt to do.

I would say only in recent years I have come to understand that my skin type is in fact oily and not dry which I was adamant about for a long time. Learning this has been a helpful resource when it comes to choosing skincare and a routine which best suits my skin. In this blog I will share how I take care of my skin when it's at its oiliest point during the year.

Keep it Simple with Makeup

As I have gotten older, my desire to wear makeup all the time has become somewhat non-existent. I still do on the odd occasion but, it's nowhere near as much as I used to. When I was at school and college, I would wake up extra early just so that I could hide my natural appearance. When I look back, it’s quite sad to think I was so obsessed with the idea of needing to wear makeup to look “pretty”. Fast forward to now, you can find me wearing a small amount of makeup when I go out for food or drinks. Even when I do wear makeup it's nothing much, a small bit of concealer, bronzer, brow gel & mascara and there you have it.

This is my current go to makeup look and I love it! And that's probably down to the fact that it literally takes me 10 minutes to do. For someone like me who seems to be constantly on the go, it’s exactly what I need. Sporting the minimalist look in the summer months helps my oily skin as it allows it to breathe. I much prefer it to a full face of makeup as I am less likely to break out in spots.

Cleansing Twice a Day

Washing my face twice a day is a must when it's warmer. Especially if I have been sunning it up in the back garden (with SPF on of course!) I find that when I do spend time in the sun, my skin becomes more oilier and that's not really a surprise. Sweat mixed with constant application of sun cream can cause havoc with my face.

I wash my face first thing in the morning to gently remove any build-up of oil and dirt overnight. I will then cleanse again on an evening before bed to make sure I have removed any residue from the products I have used. However, I do try to avoid cleansing my face more than twice in a day. Cleansing too much will strip away the sebum (oil) naturally produced and ultimately will cause more oil to be produced. So pretty much this will end in a disaster with lots of new spots.

Oil Free Sun Cream

If you have checked out one of my latest blogs which is all about choosing the right sun cream, you will know how many different types there are. Whilst you may not think that your choice of cream makes a great deal of difference, it does. Especially if you have any other skin type than normal. For example, If I were to use a thick textured physical sun cream it would clog my pores and lead to breakouts of spots. However, I use one that is specifically designed for applying it to your face and is suited for oily skin types. This is great as it protects my skin from the sun without adding extra oil to my already oily face.

Use a Toner Daily

A toner is an important part of my everyday evening skincare routine. In the summer months I feel that a toner is essential for helping me to keep the oiliness of my skin under control. Toners are great for many different skin types, but especially for people with oily skin. I use our rose water toner after a cleansing to get rid of any remaining dirt and grime stuck in my pores.

A Non-Greasy and Lightly Textured Moisturiser for Oily Skin

Regardless of having oily skin, it's still so important to keep my skin moisturised and this is especially so when it's hot and sunny outside. To maintain my skin's elasticity and plumpness, keeping my face hydrated is a must! Lack of moisturiser may lead to the body over producing oil in an attempt to rehydrate the skin. This will result in an over production of oil (which I definitely do not want!) and increase chances of breakouts.

Whilst I do use a moisturiser both day and night, in summer I use one that has a light texture. By doing this, it still allows my skin to breathe all whilst keeping it hydrated.

Clay Face Masks for a Gentle Exfoliation

I have always been a fan of face masks. However, before I came to the realisation that I had oily skin and not dry, certain sheet masks and peel off masks only made my skin worse. I do feel seriously relaxed with a face mask on, but there's no need for how soaked in product some of them are. For me having oily skin, this only adds to the high chances of me breaking out in spots.

I've started using our Green clay face mask on a weekly basis to help gently exfoliate my skin and draw out excess oil and impurities. It’s helpful throughout summer as my skin is at its oiliest point and the mask does well to calm it all down. Whilst clay face masks can be suitable for a whole range of different skin types, oily skin types can really benefit from using them.

Avoiding Touching my Face

One of the simplest tips I can pass on, is to not touch your face. I find that if I limit touching my face, I avoid breaking out in spots quite so easily.  Especially in summer when my face is at its oiliest point! During the day we encounter so many surfaces which will be full of microbes and allergens. Although they may look clean, the chances are, they’re carrying a whole range of germs that can disturb our skin. When we touch our face, were essentially transferring these germs onto our skin. This can result in spots, blisters and even cysts. Now pair that with an already oily face, my skin would be screaming.


In the past having oily skin (but not knowing it) was some what a challenge for me to deal with. However, now that I am aware of my skin type, its much easier for me to care for my skin particularly in summer.

I feel that understanding your skin is a continuous learning process and as we age it changes in a number of ways. So don’t worry if your feeling confused about how is best to look after your skin, there is a whole range of advice and help out there. Check out some of our previous blogs for guidance on how your skin changes as you age and tips for how to maintain healthy skin at any age.

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