5 skincare tips for sensitive skin

5 Skincare Tips for those with Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin: Skin that may react to certain triggers such as weather changes, allergies, or certain products. You may find that your skin reacts in several different ways, but the most common are a rash or a bumpy texture. If you’re not sure what your skin type is check out our blog ‘What Are the 5 Skin Types?’ to find out. 

Dealing with sensitive skin can feel super annoying when you feel like everything you put on your face or body burns – I know this first hand!

Let’s dive into 5 Simple Tips for Sensitive Skin…(check out; Dry Skin Tips, Oily Skin Tips & Combination Skin Tips)

Handle with Care 

I’m one of those people where if I am wiping my makeup off, I have to really scrub to feel as though it’s actually coming off my face, and when you have sensitive skin, that’s not a good thing to do. Since I’ve moved from makeup wipes to micellar water, I’ve noticed that I’ve started to be a lot more careful when wiping my face, especially when it comes to removing eye makeup. Try to be a bit more careful when cleansing as rubbing and tugging can dry your skin up a bit faster and make it more sensitive.

Read the labels!

I’ve said this in a few blogs but when you have sensitive you need to keep your skincare routine and products simple. I know how easy it is to get excited over products with long names that you can’t pronounce, but chances are if you have sensitive skin, they’re not good for you. Get familiar with a few ingredients which you know are good for your skin and use products that help soothe. Remember, if you are trying out new skincare products, to always patch test either on your wrist or behind your ear, to test if you will have any reaction.

Be careful in the sun

This is one that happens to me pretty regularly and it’s if I’m out in in the hot weather, I can sometimes end up with a rash, usually on my neck – and honestly, it’s probably because I’m not wearing enough sunscreen! So even if you’re rushing out the door, grab a bottle of sunscreen and apply it on the go, it’s the most important product.

Read the importance on sunscreen and sun safety here.

Don’t use products that burn

This one seems obvious, but it’s surprising how many times I’ve done this. For some reason when I was younger, I thought that if a product was burning, it was working. This was probably because when I was prescribed eczema cream by a doctor, my skin would be super irritated by it, so I just grew up thinking that it was working, when, it definitely wasn’t. As I said in a point above, when you have sensitive skin it’s important to take note of what ingredients work for you and what doesn’t to avoid irritation.

Here's some handy little tips which can help you in general…

  • Use fragrance free products (like our Almond & Avocado Face Cream, which is a daily moisturiser!)
  • Avoid harsh astringents and exfoliants
  • Don’t use hot water on your skin, just warm!
  • Always patch test in a discreet area of your skin if you are wanting to try new products
  • When you are drying yourself after a shower, pat yourself dry rather than rubbing

Now, please note, these tips won’t help everyone with sensitive skin and if you do find that you are struggling to cope with sensitive skin, to contact a health professional such as a local pharmacist or your doctor – you know your skins boundaries!

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